Prakash is a Denmark-based aeronautical engineer and a commercial, multi-engine, and instrument rated pilot. He has experience in the flight training and flight management sectors, and is an expert in helping his customers find aviation solutions whether it be chartering, leasing, acquisition, or sale of an aircraft. 

Prakash Rajan

Executive Director
+45 4216 7782

Prakash has been in the aviation industry for over 1.5 decades and is an active pilot with over 1500 hours of flight time. After finishing pilot training in Miami, he has worked in several different aviation sectors such as flight training, jet chartering, cargo chartering, aircraft, leasing, and aircraft sales. Prakash is extremely passionate about helping his customers better understand the current aviation market trends, speaking in many seminars and creating educational aviation video content for both Youtube and LinkedIn. 

Prakash previously worked for Air Support, one of Europe's leading flight planning software companies. Beginning as an Area Manager, he regularly spoke in seminars and demonstrated its uses in front of hundreds of customers. 

Prakash stands ready to support Holstein Aviation customers in finding the best aviation solution, whether it be chartering, leasing, the purchase or sale of an aircraft, or a through a thorough consultation. 

Expert in finding flight management, leasing, & chartering solutions

Aeronautical Engineer and Commercial, Multi Engine, & Instrument Rated Pilot

specialized knowledge with individual attention

IADA CERTIFIED AIRCRAFT BROKER WITH Over 1.5 decades of aviation SALES experience

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