Aircraft sales


economic Factors

Despite economic resilience in Q1 2023, many economists are still predicting persistent inflation and rising interest rates ahead. Any recession we experience will likely be mild and short-lived.

Flight activity

Flight operations declined in Q1 2023, but
current activity is demonstrating that demand remains well above pre-COVID levels. Q1 2023 departures were 14.1 percent higher than they were Q1 2019. 

Aircraft Manufacturers backlog

OEM backlogs increased 14.2 percent year-over-year in Q1 2023. The industrywide book-to-bill ratio remained at a healthy 1.04-to-1, and OEM backlogs are expected to remain at strong levels even if economic worries slow orders going forward.


Supply chain constraints played a part in slowing new aircraft transactions Q1 2023. The pre-owned market has also slowed as buyers and sellers adjust to a more typical supply and demand environment.

pre-owned INVENTORY

Despite a 37.9 percent year-over-year increase in Q1 2023, listings remain 10 percent below Q1 2019 levels. Listings may continue to rise throughout 2023 as new deliveries increase.

Average business jet bluebook values climbed 20.9 percent in Q1 2023 compared to Q1 2022. Q1 values began stabilizing and normalizing from highs in Q3 2022, despite year-over-year increases.

aircraft VALUES