With over 30 years of aviation experience, Marcelo’s experience is one exquisite and singular. Ranging from piston and turbine, fixed and rotary-wing, private and governmental/military, Marcelo’s early beginning in agricultural/fire-fighting sales and operations can’t be disregarded as well. It all gives Marcelo Simoni a broad experience base coupled with a unique expertise to benefit Holstein Aviation clients.

Marcelo Simoni

Executive Director

USA: +1 (501) 253-8009
International/WhatsApp: +55 (43) 99977-0058

Marcelo Simoni has a Law degree with focus on International Law and Global Business. This level of academic expertise brings a higher leverage on brokerage and acquisition contracts and international transactions.

Additionally, his import and export proficiency help ensure that the entire process is conducted properly and efficiently, and that compliance with the myriad of ever changing laws and regulations existing in countries around the globe is maintained.

Beginning his aviation passion and relation at a very young age, Marcelo’s connection with the nuances of aircraft import and export dates back to 1989/1990 when he was an exchange student in the United States and got involved on an aircraft export/import process with his father, who’d been in the business since early 1970’s importing planes from the USA into Brazil.

In Marcelo’s own words: “an exchange student program is one endeavor you take to teach and learn, but boy... that time of my life opened up the whole world right in front of my eyes!” While as an exchange student in the USA, Marcelo achieved many awards, including Student of the Year in US History, Outstanding performance in Chemistry, and Music Performance.

As are all of Holstein Aviation Senior Executives, Marcelo is a Licensed Pilot, with experience in multiple aircraft. Add to that dozens of transatlantic international ferry flights in several types.

While attending Law School, he also taught meteorology, basic and advanced navigation, and the technical aspects of airframes and engines ground school courses at the local flight school.

Prior to joining the Holstein Aviation team, Marcelo was co-founder of Condor Aircraft in Brazil and served as president. It was in this role that he demonstrated outstanding brokerage performance on behalf of both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft OEMs for civil, governmental, and military clients. One of his many notable achievements was selling an average of eight new aircraft to every one sold by the nearest competitive manufacturer. His vast knowledge and in-depth experience will prove valuable to all clients whom the Holstein Aviation team serves wherever and whenever beneficial.

Multi-Language Speaking and Multi-cultural understanding

Global aircraft  Transaction Specialist

specialized knowledge with individual attention

IADA CERTIFIED AIRCRAFT BROKER WITH Over 3 decades of business aviation experience

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