Long known as the "go to" guy by customers, colleagues and competitors alike, Joe Grubiak sets the standard for aviation, product and business expertise. Preparing him for superior performance was graduation from Pennsylvania State University in business administration, a University of Southern California systems management master's degree, and service as a United States Air Force pilot who flew more than 200 combat missions and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. 

Joe Grubiak

Executive Director

(316) 619-4129

As Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, Joe served in key operational and program staff positions with the Strategic Air Command, Pentagon, Air Education and Training Command, and at the Twelfth Air the Force Headquarters.

Following military service, Joe was the McDonald Douglas Deputy Program Manager for the Air Force T-1A. He then held a senior management position with Beech Aircraft Company on the joint Air Force / Navy T-6 Training System (hailed as the best pilot training system in the world). That success led to him being named Product Manager on two different light jets.

It was during this tenure that the skills and attributes honed throughout his collegiate, military, and business career earned him a reputation for the one of the most respected and knowledgeable program managers in aviation. He is known throughout the business aircraft industry for integrity, a customer oriented philosophy, and an analytical approach. On multiple occasions, he was cited by customers as a major reason they bought the aircraft with which Joe was associated.

Joe's aviation credentials include CFI / CFII, more than 5,000 flight hours, six different military aircraft qualifications, and flight time in multiple jets and light aircraft. He holds a light jet type rating for an aircraft in which he set two World Aviation Speed Records.

Over 5,000 Flight hours in multiple jets and light aircraft


specialized knowledge with individual attention

IADA CERTIFIED AIRCRAFT BROKER WITH Over 4 decades of business aviation experience

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