Trade your Aircraft

Having a trusted partner who has the capability to take your aircraft in on trade is a huge advantage. Holstein Aviation can facilitate a cash deal and close quickly on your trade-in aircraft.

We understand that timing and the ultimate decision to trade depend on many complex factors. Our experienced team can help you make an informed decision that is to your benefit. Below is a high-level summary of several factors that will affect the timing, efficiency, and value of your trade-in aircraft:

Depreciation Schedule

Once the financial benefit is exhausted, consider trading your aircraft.


Maintenance costs will increase once the warranty ends. Remaining warranty can result in a higher resale value and make your aircraft more desirable. Consider trading before the warranty period ends.

Future Maintenance or Repairs

As you approach expensive maintenance events and inspections it becomes more difficult to sell or trade your aircraft. Consider trading well before these events occur.

Aircraft Damage

Dealing with major repairs can be costly, time consuming and require substantial downtime. Consider trading your aircraft so you can get back flying quickly.

Travel Patterns Change

When your mission requirements change and your aircraft no longer fits the mission, then consider trading. If your aircraft no longer serves at least 80 percent of your missions, it could be time to find a replacement.

Cabin Technology

Modern amenities in the cabin increase productivity. For example, Wi-Fi connectivity which allows access to email and the internet allows passengers to keep working while traveling in their airborne office.

Avionics Upgrades

FAA mandates can be costly and require downtime to comply. The question becomes do you want to spend more money on your existing aircraft to comply, or invest in an aircraft that is already equipped and compliant. Additionally, some state of the art avionics can increase safety by improving the pilot’s situational awareness. How much is an added level of safety worth?

Service and Support

Certain models of aircraft are supported better than others by maintenance providers and the OEMs. Trading for a product that offers a well-respected service and support network in your region -- and that makes managing your maintenance easier, more efficient, and reduces costs -- may be the solution.