Supplemental Lift

At first glance it sounds so simple - you need more capacity than your aircraft or fleet of aircraft can provide to meet an increased demand for air transportation over a defined period of time. However, whether your requirement is for one day, one week, one month or one year, you could be in for one major headache unless you know how to navigate the complex array of options and alternatives.

As many ways as there are to increase the supply of available flight time and number of seats, there are at least that many, or more, ways to come up short, to commit to an overly expensive option, or, worst of all, to expose your passengers to higher levels of risk. And it is all needless.

There is one sure way to get what you need when you need it at a price that won't break your budget: partner with the professionals at Holstein Aviation. Everything we know how to do, and everything we know you should not do, now goes to work to benefit you. The right solution might be charter, jet cards, fractional ownership, interchange agreements, block hour purchase ownership, short-term leasing - or an innovative approach that we create and customize for you from a combination of these options.

The best way to minimize unnecessary commitments or undue costs is to partner with the Holstein Aviation team of professionals. Regardless of how you choose to go forward, you know your interests are always well served through an objective analysis and subsequent development of the most prudent alternative for you.


Charter of aircraft and crew from a provider certified by the FAA to operate under Federal Air Regulations Part 135 is a common solution. You call. They come. You pay: For deadheads. Overnights. Daily flight time minimums. But you don't directly pay for fixed costs such as registration, insurance, training, storage, inspections and maintenance. Ad hoc, or scheduled, charter is an option, and often a good one. But is it the right choice for you? When you partner with the professional Holstein Aviation team, you'll know for sure, because of what we know about the quality of different operators, the fairness of their charges, how to negotiate those rates, and when their crews are properly trained, certified, current and customer focused.

Fractional ownership

Fractional ownership (owning one or more shares of a business jet or turboprop) can provide the capacity you want, when you want it. However, it can also impose a longer-term commitment that may become burdensome if conditions change. Finally, there is the whole issue of residual value at the end of your ownership period. This risk could be either slight or staggering, but you will know the potential for each up front by relying on solid guidance from the knowledge and experience that Holstein Aviation brings to the table on your behalf. And, whatever track record the operating company may have, we'll make sure you know that too.

Jet Cards

Jet Cards offer a quick way to access business aircraft without up front capital expenditures, long-term commitments or concern over future aircraft values. But it also means you will pay more. Think "convenience store" versus "grocery store". Like any other alternative, this one, either alone or in combination with another option or options, may be the best way forward for you. Because we know the ins and outs of the jet card business, you'll know everything you need to know to make the best decision.

Interchange Agreements

Interchange Agreements may provide an excellent solution over both the short and long term. Since flight operations can have some open flight time due to executive, customer or event schedules, you can often utilize that availability. The beauty of this approach is that you don't pay anything more than you would by simply flying your aircraft more hours. The potential disadvantage is that these kinds of arrangements are a lot like getting married - you both need to be a good match. Otherwise, it can be a lot like a divorce and possibly as expensive. Once we know you, we know who you will want to know. We know with whom you are likely to be compatible, who shares your operating policies and procedures, and who would be amenable to creating a win-win situation. One of the many reasons our client list is populated with long-time repeat partners is that they count on our expertise, insights and performance as their best man, not their divorce attorney.

Block Hour Programs

Block Hour Programs can offer a good combination of service consistency and cost savings, particularly versus charter. You contract for a specific number of hours (25 and 50 are common time blocks), and pay up front. Then you fly off your purchased hours as you need, when you need. Time limits are generally not onerous, you have no up front capital investment, and the quality of service and crew capability is a known value. But what happens if you buy 50 hours and only use 15? This is where you rely on the Holstein Aviation team. The experiences of our many individual and corporate clients with whom we have worked is incorporated into the analysis and evaluation that we conduct for you. This means you receive real world information, not just a wild guess.

Short-Term Leasing

Short-Term Leasing is a specialty area, which demands the specific expertise that Holstein Aviation offers. Leasing an aircraft is one of the most expedient means to expand the benefits you currently receive from business aircraft without the financial requirements of either sole or fractional ownership, or flight time commitments that may be more than you require. This approach also offers the opportunity to try other makes, models, categories or classes of aircraft in order for you to make a smart decision based on your actual experience.

Like other options to gain additional air transportation capacity to meet temporarily increasing demand, short-term leasing may be a more expensive alternative. This doesn't mean it's not a good solution, but you'll know for sure and in detail when Holstein Aviation puts what they know, who they know, and what they know how to do, to work for you.

Hybrid Programs

Hybrid Programs are customized to meet your specific needs while accommodating your unique circumstances. It may be that a lease-to-purchase program constructed with an aircraft manufacturer, bank or leasing company gets the job done for you. Or perhaps the same concept applied to another aircraft owner will benefit all parties involved. One more avenue is to purchase unneeded block time or charter hours that someone has sold off. While the approaches may vary, there is one constant throughout - you always make the best and most informed decision when you partner with the experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated Holstein Aviation team of business aviation and business professionals.