Acquire an Aircraft

The Holstein Aviation Approach

When you partner with the Holstein Aviation team about new or used jets for sale, 300 years of combined experience representing more than 4,700 separate transactions valued at over 10 billion dollars goes to work for you. Along with this team comes one of the most thorough and rigorous acquisition programs and processes anywhere in the business aviation industry in regard to both new and used aircraft for sale.

This process starts before we even meet, with absolute dedication by the company founders, senior management and every employee to the singular principal of adding value to your endeavors. The process also starts with listening intently and in-depth. Then we go to work. With you. And for you.

When you need our professional services for buying and selling new or used planes, Call us. We'll be ready.

GATE 1 Stakeholder Input

This is the most critical stage of the process. Every aspect, from need assessment to financial parameters, is defined and codified. How will the aircraft be used? By whom? When? Where? How frequently? We listen carefully to you and your team. We learn your desires and requirements. Your likes and dislikes. Preferences and pet peeves. Then, when everything is accounted for, we listen some more.

Only after every stakeholder has had the chance to provide their input do we move forward to the Mission Statement. Your goal for obtaining a business jet or turboprop is clearly defined. The financial resources available are precisely identified, and the viability is clarified. This is also the point of determination for reviewing new versus used jets for sale.

If you can't substantially benefit from using business aircraft, we'll be the first to tell you. While transactions are what generate income for our company, it is the long term relationships that truly add value to our organization.

We'll also be the first to determine a way forward through various alternatives and scenarios. Along with knowledge and expertise you also gain creativity and innovation. If there is a way to make your program work, we'll find it. Nothing changes regardless of whether the final decision is to evaluate new or used aircraft for sale.

GATE 2 Identification and Definition

There are many ways to go forward, but there is one best way for you. The Mission Statement is the platform for evaluating the highest-value alternative from among a range of offerings and access options for both new and used jets for sale.

Once the category, class and type of equipment that fulfill your requirements have been defined, the myriad of other related aspects are identified, compiled and analyzed. Then you receive our complete and comprehensive airframe and equipment recommendations from which to proceed.

Simultaneously, we research the global market. If we don't already know all the specifics, any remaining ones are gathered quickly. The result is that you know the sales history for the airplanes under consideration, percentage of the used aircraft for sale fleet, how these aircraft hold their value, and what new products may affect the marketplace. Here again, more than 300 years of combined experience and the knowledge gained from thousands of transactions work to your benefit.

GATE 3 Total Cost of Ownership Calculation

The concept of total ownership cost is one that many overlook, even among some who profess to be experts. But failure to paint the entire picture can only portend problems later on.

Initial acquisition cost is just the starting point, and direct operating costs are still only a piece of the total picture. Other elements such as sales and use taxes, residual values, required equipment upgrades, engine overhauls, alterations, and refurbishment must be factored in for the most prudent decision to be reached. The information is then presented in a multi-year format so that you can base your decision on a full financial panorama, not just a snapshot.

GATE 4 Asset Vetting and Verification

Now the details, some of which truly are very complicated, really start multiplying. With specific aircraft identified, everything from cabin layout to cockpit avionics and exterior condition to engine health comes into play. The findings from this process directly influence the amount that your purchase offer should be. For example:

Where is this aircraft in its useful life expectancy?

When was the last inspection? What were the findings?

What major inspections are coming due? How much will they cost?

What major expenditures, such as engine overhauls, interior refurbishment or exterior painting may be looming?

What required maintenance is coming due?

What are the conditions of major systems such as flight controls, avionics and engines?

When are items due for overhaul or upgrade?

Do any regulatory rulings or mandates affect this particular aircraft?

"Forewarned is forearmed" certainly applies here. The information we obtain for you through our rigorous process provides the screen that allows the ranking of selected aircraft by their desirability and ability to do the job at the most efficient cost. Surprises in business aircraft purchases are never good. Fortunately for you, your Holstein Aviation team is.

GATE 5 Diligent and Detailed Documentation

A specific aircraft has been selected. Your purchase offer was made and accepted. Now the next critical step is to assure that everything is properly and accurately documented.

No detail is left unattended. Logbooks are researched. Registrations verified. Maintenance programs confirmed. And a complete and comprehensive pre-buy inspection conducted under our watchful and meticulous eye.

The result is that you are buying exactly what you think you are buying. Your investment is an appropriate amount. And, most importantly, you are buying peace of mind, not problems.

GATE 6 The Transaction

The transaction is the anticlimactic part. Signing paperwork and transferring funds are routine and uneventful because everything has been properly prepared and is in order. Your Holstein Aviation team has done the headwork and legwork. Guided you carefully through the process every step of the way. Negotiated the purchase. Managed all the details, from making sure you are properly insured to ensuring that this is the right aircraft for you. Now all that's left for you to do is to climb on board and go flying!

GATE 7 Enhancing Value and Preparation for the Future

This is where most say goodbye. But not your Holstein Aviation team. We now begin an ongoing process that keeps you abreast of the business aircraft market, makes you aware of unique opportunities, and helps you continuously plan for the future. Needs and requirements change. Demand grows. Flight frequency increases. There may be a need for supplemental lift, more lift, or more capable lift. Your team of professionals at Holstein Aviation never picks up with you again where we left off. Because we never leave.